Urban And Built-Up Areas

Business / Agriculture / Urban And Built-Up Areas: A classification in the natural resources inventory, now called developed areas, that includes cities, villages, other build-up areas of more than 10 acres, industrial sites, railroad yards, cemeteries, airports, golf courses, shooting ranges, institutional and public administration sites, and similar areas. The 1992 national resources inventory placed over 92 million acres in this category, an increase of 14 million acres since 1982.

Profit and Loss Statement (P and L)

Business / Finance / Profit and Loss Statement (P and L): Another term for the income statement. MORE

Profit And Loss Statement

Business / Real Estate / Profit And Loss Statement: A detailed statement of income and expenses of a business that reveals the operating position of the business over a period of time. Commonly referred to a P&L. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Propaganda: In its original use, the term referred to a committee of cardinals the Roman Catholic church founded in 1622 (the Congregatio de propaganda fide). This group established specific educational materials MORE