Voluntary Export Restraint Arrangement (VER)

Business / Agriculture / Voluntary Export Restraint Arrangement (VER): An arrangement, usually a negotiated bilateral agreement, between countries in which suppliers or their government in an exporting country agree to limit to predetermined levels their exports of a particular product to an importing country. Under the Uruguay Round Agreement on Agriculture, vers are to be converted into fixed tariffs or tariff-rate quotas.

Other Words for Arrangement

Arrangement Noun Synonyms: order, disposition, grouping, organization, array, display, structure, structuring, ordering, alignment, line-up, set-up

Other Words for Restraint

Restraint Verb Synonyms: control, check, curb, rein, bridle, restriction, constraint, limit, limitation, curtailment,, ban, interdict or interdiction, proscription, delimitation, bound(s), embargo

Other Words for Voluntary

Voluntary Noun Synonyms: free, elective, willing, spontaneous, unsolicited, unbidden, unasked, gratuitous, contributed

Rearrangement Reaction

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Private Voluntary Organization (PVO)

Business / Agriculture / Private Voluntary Organization (PVO): A nongovernmental, nonprofit organization that provides economic and social assistance to people in need, often in foreign countries. Pvos play an important role, along with cooperatives, in distribut MORE

Shippers Export Declaration (SED)

Business / Agriculture / Shippers Export Declaration (SED): A form required by the government for the compilation of official export statistics and for export control purposes. It is necessary on practically every commercial shipment leaving the United States MORE