Wool And Mohair Commodity Programs

Business / Agriculture / Wool And Mohair Commodity Programs: Income support was provided to producers of wool and mohair under authority of the National Wool Act of 1954, as amended, through 1995. Phase down and termination of the programs was mandated in the omnibus budget reconciliation act enacted November 1, 1993 (P.L. 103-130). Income support was achieved through incentive payments that provided higher benefits to farmers who had more production and/or obtained high market prices.

National Wool Act Of 1954

Business / Agriculture / National Wool Act Of 1954: Title VII of Agricultural Act of 1954 was designated the National Wool Act and provided for a new and permanent price support program for wool and mohair to encourage increased domestic production thr MORE

PP and E

Business / Finance / PP and E: See Property, Plant & Equipment. MORE

Power Handling

Technology / Home Audio / Power Handling: A measure of how much amplifier power, in watts, a speaker can take before it is damaged. MORE