Business / Construction / A-C: An abbreviation for air conditioner or air conditioning.

A-C Condenser

Business / Construction / A-C Condenser: The outside fan unit of the Air Conditioning system. It removes the heat from the freon gas and 'turns' the gas back into a liquid and pumps the liquid back to the coil in the furnace. MORE

Extra-Curricular Activities

Life Style / College / Extra-Curricular Activities: These are non-classroom activities that can contribute to a well-rounded education. They can include such activities as athletics, clubs, student government, recreational and social organizations, and MORE

A-C Disconnect

Business / Construction / A-C Disconnect: The main electrical ON-OFF switch near the A/C Condenser. MORE


Health / Tai Chi / fa-ching: See chin. There are differences in spelling and pronunciation creating some confusion about chin and ching. In martial arts, as well as in healing, it is important to note that the energy release come MORE


Health / Vitamins / Phytochemicals: Health-protecting compounds found in fruits, vegetables, and other plants. Phytochemicals (sometimes called phytonutrients) include beta-carotene, lycopene, and resveratrol. MORE

Intermountain High

Science / Weather / Intermountain High: An area of high pressure that occurs during the winter between the Rocky Mountains and the Sierra-Cascade ranges. It blocks the eastward movement of Pacific cyclones. Also called Plateau High or Great MORE