Business / Construction / Assessment : A tax levied on a property, or a value placed on the worth of a property.

Differential Assessment

Business / Agriculture / Differential Assessment: Basing the valuation of farmland for property tax purposes on its use for farming rather than on its 'highest and best' use, such as potential development. Types of differential assessment include pre MORE


Science / Psychiatry / SAS: Simpson Angus Scale - an assessment tool designed to measure the symptoms of parkinsonism or extrapyramidal side effects related to the use of antipsychotic medications. MORE

Ad Valorem

Business / Real Estate / Ad Valorem: The Latin word for according to value. MORE

National Nutrition Monitoring And Related Research Act Of 1990

Business / Agriculture / National Nutrition Monitoring And Related Research Act Of 1990: P.L. 101-445 was enacted to establish a comprehensive, coordinated program for nutrition monitoring and related research to improve the assessment of the health and nutrition of the U.S. population. T MORE

Dual Track

Life Style / Adoption / Dual Track: term reflecting new CPS response systems that typically combine a non-adversarial service-based assessment track for cases where children are not at immediate risk with a traditional CPS investigative MORE

Behavioral Care Services

Health / Dentistry / Behavioral Care Services: Assessment and therapeutic services used in the treatment of mental health and substance abuse problems. MORE