Business / Construction / Assumption : Allows a buyer to assume responsibility for an existing loan instead of getting a new loan.

Guarantee Letter

Business / Finance / Guarantee Letter: The assumption of responsibility for payment of a debt or performance of some obligation if the liable party fails to perform to expectations. MORE

Standard Deduction

Business / Finance / Standard Deduction: The method of calculating cost of sales that compares the amounts of materials, direct labor and overhead projected in the Cost of Sales assumption (the standard costs) to expenses allocated to the Pr MORE


Technology / Email / Impression: A single view of one page by a single user, used in calculating advertising rates. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Induction: The logical assumption or process of assuming that what is true for a single specimen or example is also true for other specimens or examples of the same type. For instance, if a geologist found a typ MORE

Going-Concern Value

Business / Finance / Going-Concern Value: Selling stock that an investor does not own by borrowing shares from a broker. The assumption is that the price will fall. The investor then buys (covers the short) the shares at a lower price than wh MORE

Original Horizontality

Science / Geology / Original Horizontality: One of the principles of relative dating. Based upon the good assumption that sedimentary rocks are deposited in horizontal or nearly horizontal layers: then if sedimentary layers are found in an incl MORE