Business / Construction / Barge: Horizontal beam rafter that supports shorter rafters.

Barge Cruising

Life Style / Travel / Barge Cruising: Pleasure cruising along a canal system, such as in upstate new york or in europe, in converted barges or new ships that resemble them. MORE

Barge Board

Business / Construction / Barge Board: A decorative board covering the projecting rafter (fly rafter) of the gable end. At the cornice, this member is a fascia board. MORE


Business / Agriculture / Stocks: Commercial grain stocks include domestic grain in storage in public and private elevators at important markets and grain afloat in vessels or barges in lake and seaboard ports. Commercial stocks plus MORE

Terminal Elevator

Business / Agriculture / Terminal Elevator: A large elevator (warehouse) facility with the capacity to transfer grain to rail cars, barges, or ships for transport to domestic or foreign markets. Terminal elevator markets are used as base locati MORE