Bearing Wall

Business / Construction / Bearing Wall: A wall that supports any vertical load in addition to its own weight.

Other Words for Bearing

Bearing Noun Synonyms: carriage, deportment, manner, behavior, conduct, aspect, demeanor, posture, stance, air, attitude, mien, presence

Other Words for Wall

Wall Verb Synonyms: screen, partition, divider, enclosure, separator, bulkhead, barrier, obstruction, obstacle, impediment, block, fence

Floating Wall

Business / Construction / Floating Wall: A non-bearing wall built on a concrete floor. It is constructed so that the bottom two horizontal plates can compress or pull apart if the concrete floor moves up or down. Normally built on basements MORE

Sidewalls The Kickbacks

Entertainment / Bowling / Sidewalls The Kickbacks: Vertical division boards between the sides of the lanes at the pit end. On many hits the pins can bounce off the kickbacks and knock down more pins. Variations: Loose kickback means that there is not MORE

Sidewall (Kickbacks, Side Kick)

Entertainment / Bowling / Sidewall (Kickbacks, Side Kick): The high division boards between LANES at the pins end (partition between pindecks). MORE

Sleeve Bearings

Technology / Motors / Sleeve Bearings: A type of bearing with no rolling elements, where the motor shaft rides on a film of oil. MORE

Third Wall

Entertainment / Literature / Third Wall: Usually referred to as the 'fourth wall,' depending upon how a stagebuilder numbers the sides of the stage, the third or fourth wall is an imaginary barrier that separates the events on stage from the MORE

Vacuum Degassed Bearings

Technology / Motors / Vacuum Degassed Bearings: Vacuum degassing is a process used in the purifying of steel for ball bearings assuring a very dense and consistent bearing surface. This results in a longer lasting superior bearing. All Reliance bal MORE