Business / Construction / Binder: A receipt for a deposit to secure the right to purchase a home at an agreed terms by a buyer and seller.


Technology / Motorcycle / Binders: Motorcycle brakes MORE

Binder Policy

Business / Real Estate / Binder Policy: A type of title insurance policy offered by some title companies which allows for a refund of the basic title insurance rate if the property is sold within a specified period of time. MORE

Latex Paint

Life Style / Painting / Latex Paint: Water-based paint made with a latex binder. MORE


Life Style / Painting / Pastels: A method of painting or drawing with sticks of dry colour which have the minimum of binder; a reason why pastel pictures keep their bright fresh look almost indefinitely. The main danger for them is c MORE


Life Style / Painting / Gums: The principal binder for water-colour is gum arabic, it comes from certain acacia trees growing in Africa, Asia and Australia. Gum tragacanth is used as a binder for chalks and pastels; it is procured MORE

Conte Crayon

Life Style / Painting / Conte Crayon: Introduced by Nicholas Jacques Conte, they are sticks of compressed compound of binder and pigments; the colours being sanguine, sepia and black. They are grease-free and can produce very sensitive wo MORE