Blocked (Door Blocking)

Business / Construction / Blocked (Door Blocking): Wood shims used between the door frame and the vertical structural wall framing members.

Blocked Space

Life Style / Travel / Blocked Space: Seats, rooms, and/or cabins held on airlines, in hotels, or aboard ships. Usually held speculatively and made available at reduced rates. MORE

Blocked Up

Entertainment / Photography / Blocked Up: A portion of an overexposed and/or overdeveloped negative so dense with silver halides that texture and detail in the subject are unclear. MORE

Blocked Shot

Entertainment / Basketball / Blocked Shot: Deflection of a shot by touching part of the ball on its way to the basket. MORE

Blocked Lane

Entertainment / Bowling / Blocked Lane: A lane condition that assists the ball in getting to the pocket; usually means heavy oil in the middle portion of the lane to keep the ball from hooking past the pocket; usually means increased scores MORE

Blocked (Rafters)

Business / Construction / Blocked (Rafters): Short '2 by 4's' used to keep rafters from twisting, and installed at the ends and at mid-span. MORE

Blocked Currency

Business / Finance / Blocked Currency: A currency that is not freely convertible to other currencies due to exchange controls. MORE