Blue Stake

Business / Construction / Blue Stake: Another phrase for Utility Notification. This is when a utility company (telephone, gas, electric, cable TV, sewer and water, etc) comes to the job site and locates and spray paints the ground and/or installs little flags to show where their service is located underground.

Other Words for Blue

Blue Adjective Synonyms: depressed, low-spirited, dispirited, sad, dismal, down, down in the mouth, gloomy, unhappy, glum, downcast, crestfallen, chap-fallen, dejected, melancholy, despondent, downhearted, morose

Other Words for Stake

Stake Noun Synonyms: stick, post, spike, picket, paling, pale, pole, pike, stave, palisade, pole, upright, pillar, column
Stake Verb Synonyms: tether, tie (up), secure, fasten, picket, lash, leash, hitch, chain


Technology / Cell Phones / Bluetooth: Wireless personal area network (PAN) standard that enables data connections between electronic devices such as desktop computers, wireless phones, electronic organizers and printers in the 2.4 GHz ran MORE

Bols Blue Curacao

Entertainment / Liquor / Bols Blue Curacao: Blue colored Dutch West Indian Curacao orange liqueur. Produced under the supervision of the directors of the Royal Distilleries of Erven Lucas Bols in Holland. 60 proof. MORE

Colorado Blue Spruce

Life Style / Christmas Trees / Colorado Blue Spruce: Colorado blue spruce, or blue spruce, is an attractive tree often used for Christmas trees or as ornamentals, particularly in the eastern United States and Europe. It is the official state tree of bot MORE

Jamaica Blue Mountain

Life Style / Coffee / Jamaica Blue Mountain: Celebrated single-origin coffee from above 3,000 feet elevation in the Blue Mountain District of Jamaica. Can be exceptional: rich, complex, bouillon-like. More often a rather ordinary balanced, low-t MORE


Entertainment / Music / Blues: African-American form of secular folk music, related to jazz, that is based on a simple, repetitive poetic-musical structure. MORE


Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Blueliner: A defenseman. MORE