Business / Construction / Boom: A truck used to hoist heavy material up and into place. To put trusses on a home or to set a heavy beam into place.

Other Words for Boom

Boom Noun Synonyms: blast, rumble, explosion
Boom Verb Synonyms: sound, resound, resonate, blast, rumble, thunder, roar, bang, explode

Boom Operator

Technology / Television (TV) / Boom Operator: The sound technician who physically operates the overhead boom microphone. MORE

Overhead Boom Microphone

Technology / Television (TV) / Overhead Boom Microphone: Held on a long arm by a boom operator, positioned above the actors' heads and out of view of the camera, it is equipped with a hypercardioid microphone so that sound from the direction it is pointed w MORE


Entertainment / Bowling / Boomer: A big hooking ball; a person that throws a big hooking ball. MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Boomy: Usually refers to excessivly reverberant bass response, or a peak in the bass response of a recording, playback, or sound reinforcement system. MORE

Baby Boomers

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Baby Boomers: The term used to describe those individuals born between 1945 and 1970. MORE

Sealed (Enclosure)

Technology / Home Audio / Sealed (Enclosure): Sometimes known as an Acoustic suspension type, the sealed enclosure is a simple design in which each woofer is mounted in a sealed, airtight box or compartment with a specific internal volume for pre MORE