Class C

Business / Construction / Class C: Minimum fire rating issued by the Underwriters' Laboratories for roofing materials.

Other Words for Class

Class Verb Synonyms: classify, group, arrange, assort, type, categorize, rank, grade, rate, order
Class Noun Synonyms: rank, grade, level, order, stratum, caste, lineage, birth, pedigree, stock, extraction, descent

Controlled Airspace Class C

Technology / Aviation / Controlled Airspace Class C: (formerly ARSA - Airport Radar Service Area) Generally, that airspace from the surface to 4,000' MSL above the airport elevation surrounding those airports that have an operational control tower, are MORE

Share Class

Business / Taxes / Share Class: Some stocks and certain mutual funds subdivide their shares into classes or groups to designate their special characteristics. For example, the differences between Class A shares and Class B shares of MORE

Sales Charge

Business / Finance / Sales Charge: The fee charged by a mutual fund at purchase of shares, usually payable as a commission to a marketing agent, such as a financial adviser, who is thus compensated for assistance to a purchaser. It rep MORE


Technology / Programming / Constructor: The constructor of a class is the method that will be called when an instance of that class is created. In both c++ and processing, the constructor has the same name as the class: class circle { circl MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Tragicomedy: A experimental literary work--either a play or prose piece of fiction--containing elements common to both comedies and tragedies. The genre is marked by characters of both high and low degree, even th MORE


Business / Finance / Class: A party to an explicit or implicit contract. MORE