Business / Construction / Collar: Preformed flange placed over a vent pipe to seal the roofing above the vent pipe opening. Also called a vent sleeve.

White Collar Employees

Business / Human Resources (HR) / White Collar Employees: Employees who are paid on a salaried basis and whose jobs do not require the performance of work of a manual nature. Such individuals are normally employed in the capacity of managers, supervisors, sa MORE

Collar Beam

Business / Construction / Collar Beam: Nominal 1 or 2-inch-thick members connecting opposite roof rafters. They serve to stiffen the roof structure. MORE

Blue Collar Workers

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Blue Collar Workers: Hourly paid workers employed in occupations that require physical or manual labor. MORE

Equity Collar

Business / Finance / Equity Collar: Also called a residual claim; a claim to a share of earnings after debt obligations have been satisfied. MORE

Gold-Collar Employee

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Gold-Collar Employee: The term used to describe individuals such as scientists, engineers and other highly skilled employees who are in high demand and short supply. MORE

Taking The Collar

Entertainment / Bowling / Taking The Collar: Choking on an important shot. MORE