Business / Construction / Compressor: A mechanical device that pressurizes a gas in order to turn it into a liquid, thereby allowing heat to be removed or added. A compressor is the main component of conventional heat pumps and air conditioners. In an air conditioning system, the compressor normally sits outside and has a large fan (to remove heat).


Business / Finance / Ratio: A comparison of financial statement elements in the form of a quotient. Ratios such as the price/earnings ratio, return on assets, and quick ratio are often used for analyzing financial statements. MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Supercharger: An air compressor used to force more air into the combustion chambers of an internal combustion engine which allows it to burn more fuel and results in more power. (Also known as a Blower). When the b MORE


Life Style / Painting / Airbrush: An implement that resembles a thick fountain-pen and which has a small container near the nozzle. By air pressure supplied from a container or a mechanical compressor, varnish, fixative or colours can MORE