Business / Construction / Condensation: Beads or drops of water (and frequently frost in extremely cold weather) that accumulate on the inside of the exterior covering of a building. Use of louvers or attic ventilators will reduce moisture condensation in attics. A vapor barrier under the gypsum lath or dry wall on exposed walls will reduce condensation.

Condensation Nuclei

Science / Weather / Condensation Nuclei: A particle upon which condensation of water vapor occurs. It may be either in a solid or liquid state. MORE

Condensation Funnel

Science / Weather / Condensation Funnel: A funnel-shaped cloud consisting of condensed water drops that has possible rotation. MORE

Convective Condensation Level (CCL)

Science / Weather / Convective Condensation Level (CCL): The height at which a parcel of air, if heated sufficiently from below, will rise adiabatically until it is just saturated. MORE