Business / Construction / Convection: Currents created by heating air, which then rises and pulls cooler air behind it. Also see radiation.

Level Of Free Convection (LFC)

Science / Weather / Level Of Free Convection (LFC): The level at which a parcel of saturated air becomes warmer than the surrounding air and begins to rise freely. This occurs most readily in a conditionally unstable atmosphere. MORE


Science / Weather / Cumuliform: Clouds composed of water droplets that exhibit vertical development. The density of the droplets often blocks sunlight, casting shadows on the earth's surface. With increasing vertical height, they ar MORE


Science / Geology / Subsidence: A lowering of the land surface in response to subsurface weathering, collapse or slow settlement of underground mines, or the production of subsurface fluids such as ground water or oil. MORE


Science / Weather / Cape: Acronym for Convective Available Potential Energy. The amount of energy available to create convection, with higher values increasing the possibility for severe weather. MORE

Mixed Layer

Science / Weather / Mixed Layer: It is the upper portion of the boundary layer in which air is thoroughly mixed by convection. In oceanography, it is the layer of the water that is mixed through wave action or thermohaline convection MORE

Eye Wall

Science / Weather / Eye Wall: An organized band of convection surrounding the eye, or center, of a tropical cyclone. It contains cumulonimbus clouds, intense rainfall and very strong winds. MORE