Business / Construction / Course: A row of shingles or roll roofing running the length of the roof. Parallel layers of building materials such as bricks, or siding laid up horizontally.

Other Words for Course

Course Adjective Synonyms: path, way, orbit, route, run, track, ambit, line, circuit, passage
Course Noun Synonyms: movement, progress, headway, advance, progression, speed


Business / Accounting / Recourse: The right to seek payment on a discounted note from the payee if the maker defaults. MORE

Full Course

Life Style / College / Full Course: A course taken over two semesters as opposed to a Half Course (course taken over one semester). MORE

Executive Course

Entertainment / Golf / Executive Course: A golf course with very short holes, mostly par 3's and short par 4's MORE

Prerequisite Courses

Life Style / College / Prerequisite Courses: This is a condition or requirement that must be met before enrolling in a course. To satisfy a prerequisite, you must receive a 'C' or better in the course to advance to the next class. MORE

Nonrecourse Loans

Business / Agriculture / Nonrecourse Loans: Farmers or processors participating in government commodity programs may pledge certain stored commodities as collateral and obtain a loan from the CCC at a commodity-specific, per-unit loan rate. The MORE

Recourse Loan Program

Business / Agriculture / Recourse Loan Program: Under the FAIR Act of 1996, recourse loans are available to producers of high moisture corn and seed cotton, dairy processors, and sugar processors. The commodity is pledged as security, but in contra MORE