Business / Construction / Cupping: A type of warping that causes boards to curl up at their edges.

Cupping Your Wrist

Entertainment / Bowling / Cupping Your Wrist: A type of ball carry that has your wrist bent upwards; it is considered a power/more hook delivery. MORE

Varietal Distinction

Life Style / Coffee / Varietal Distinction: A tasting or cupping term describing positive characteristics that distinguish a given coffee from coffee from other regions. Examples are the wine- or berry-like acidity of Kenya coffees or the full, MORE


Life Style / Coffee / Fragrance: The sensation of the gases released from ground coffee as they are inhaled through the nose. Ranges from sweetly floral to sweetly spicy. MORE


Science / Biology / Fermentation: The synthesis of ATP in the absence of oxygen through glycolysis. MORE


Business / Finance / Clean: The division of stock into more than one class of common stock, usually called Class A and Class B. The specific features of each class, which are set out in the charter and bylaws, usually give certa MORE