Business / Construction / Downspout: A pipe, usually of metal, for carrying rainwater down from the roof's horizontal gutters.

Copper Staining

Life Style / Painting / Copper Staining: Usually caused by corrosion of copper screens, gutters or downspouts washing down on painted surfaces. Can be prevented by painting or varnishing the copper. MORE

Tip Up

Business / Construction / Tip Up: The downspout extension that directs water (from the home's gutter system) away from the home. They typically swing up when mowing the lawn, etc. MORE


Business / Construction / Scupper: (1) An opening for drainage in a wall, curb or parapet. (2) The drain in a downspout or flat roof, usually connected to the downspout. MORE

Splash Block

Business / Construction / Splash Block: Portable concrete (or vinyl) channel generally placed beneath an exterior sill cock (water faucet) or downspout in order to receive roof drainage from downspouts and to divert it away from the buildin MORE

Sheet Metal Work

Business / Construction / Sheet Metal Work: All components of a house employing sheet metal, such as flashing, gutters, and downspouts. MORE