Drain Tile

Business / Construction / Drain Tile: A perforated, corrugated plastic pipe laid at the bottom of the foundation wall and used to drain excess water away from the foundation. It prevents ground water from seeping through the foundation wall. Sometimes called perimeter drain.

Other Words for Drain

Drain Noun Synonyms: ditch, channel, trench, culvert, conduit, pipe, gutter, outlet, watercourse, sewer, cloaca
Drain Verb Synonyms: consume,e up, exhaust, sap, deplete, bleed, strain, tax, spend, weaken, debilitate, impair, cripple

Rectangular Drainage

Science / Geology / Rectangular Drainage: A drainage pattern in which stream channels develop within a large-scale network of intersecting joints. This drainage pattern is characterized by right-angle bends in the channels of streams and stre MORE

Radial Drainage

Science / Geology / Radial Drainage: A system of streams running in a radial pattern away from the center of a circular elevation, such as a volcano or dome. MORE


Science / Biology / Reptiles: Taxonomic class of vertebrates characterized by scales and amniotic eggs; the first truly terrestrial vertebrate group. MORE

Schiava Gentile

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Schiava Gentile: Reported as a variant of the Schiava Grossa variety this grapevine has several synonym names including Frankenthal. Widely grown in Europe and the Americas. Used for making a red wine in N. Italy. No MORE


Science / Astrology / Semi-Sextile: One of the more influential minor easy aspects, the twelfth harmonic, 30°. MORE


Science / Astrology / Semi-Quintile: See decile. MORE