Business / Construction / Drip: (a) A member of a cornice or other horizontal exterior finish course that has a projection beyond the other parts for throwing off water.(b) A groove in the underside of a sill or drip cap to cause water to drop off on the outer edge instead of drawing back and running down the face of the building.

Other Words for Drip

Drip Verb Synonyms: dribble, trickle, drop, dripping
Drip Noun Synonyms: dribble, trickle, drop, drizzle, sprinkle

Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP)

Business / Taxes / Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP): Many publicly held companies allow shareholders to reinvest dividends in company stock or buy additional shares through dividend reinvestment plans, or DRIPs. Enrolling in a DRIP enables you to build MORE

Drip-Proof Guarded

Technology / Motors / Drip-Proof Guarded: A drip-proof machine with ventilating openings guarded (with screens) as in a guarded motor. MORE

Drip Dickey

Life Style / Wine / Drip Dickey: Trademarked name for a cover that slips over the neck of a wine bottle and absorbs any drips that may run down the bottle after pouring, preventing stains to table cloths, counter tops or other surfac MORE

Drip Cap

Business / Construction / Drip Cap: A molding or metal flashing placed on the exterior topside of a door or window frame to cause water to drip beyond the outside of the frame. MORE


Life Style / Coffee / Flip-Drip: A style of drip method brewer in which the ground coffee is secured in a two-sided strainer at the waist of the pot between two closed compartments. The brewing water is heated in one compartment, the MORE

Trickle Irrigation - Drip Irrigation

Business / Agriculture / Trickle Irrigation - Drip Irrigation: Method in which water drips to the soil from perforated tubes or emitters. This irrigation technology is water conserving compared to flooding, furrows, and sprinklers. MORE