Elbow (Ell)

Business / Construction / Elbow (Ell): A plumbing or electrical fitting that lets you change directions in runs of pipe or conduit.

Flare (Arm or Elbow)

Entertainment / Bowling / Flare (Arm or Elbow): The action of your arm or elbow when it goes away from your body in the armswing or during the release; generally not desirable. MORE

Flying Elbow

Entertainment / Bowling / Flying Elbow: Same as chicken wing. MORE

Tennis Elbow

Health / Acupuncture / Tennis Elbow: A painful injury to the tendon that is attached to the outer part of the elbow due to repetitive twisting of the wrist or forearm which causes irritation and inflammation of the extensor tendon. This MORE

Elbowroom Factor

Life Style / Travel / Elbowroom Factor: The relative spaciousness of a ship. We've taken the ratios of ship tonnage and passenger count (often referred to as 'space ratios'), and translated them into the terms snug (space ratio less than 30 MORE


Entertainment / Basketball / Elbowing: Throwing your elbows during play in order to hit another player or push him away; it's a foul if contact is made. MORE


Health / Acupuncture / Elbow: The juncture of the long bones in the middle portion of the arm. The bone of the upper arm (humerus) meets both the ulna (the inner bone of the forearm) and radius (the outer bone of the forearm) to f MORE