Business / Construction / Estimate: The amount of labor, materials, and other costs that a contractor anticipates for a project as summarized in the contractor's bid proposal for the project.

Other Words for Estimate

Estimate Noun Synonyms: approximate, gauge, determine, judge, guess, assess, appraise, value, evaluate, reckon, calculate, work out, guesstimate
Estimate Verb Synonyms: approximation, gauge, guess, conjecture, assessment, appraisal, evaluation, reckoning, calculation, guesstimate
Estimate Adjective Synonyms: consider, think, believe, guess, conjecture, judge

Estimated Average Requirements (EAR)

Health / Vitamins / Estimated Average Requirements (EAR): The nutrient intake value that is estimated to reach the requirements in 50 per cent of people in a specific group, usually defined by age and sex. MORE

Estimated Buyers Costs

Business / Real Estate / Estimated Buyers Costs: An estimate of the buyers total cash requirements to purchase real property. A realistic estimate of all costs and payments based on the buyers offer. MORE

Good Faith Estimate

Business / Loan / Good Faith Estimate: This document lists the estimated fees you will have to pay to get the loan. It also identifies who is expected to provide services and receive fees in connection with your loan, such as credit bureau MORE

Universe Estimate (UE)

Technology / Television (TV) / Universe Estimate (UE): The population chosen for a research study. The estimated number of actual households or people from which the sample will be taken and to which data will be projected. MORE

Earnings Estimate

Business / Taxes / Earnings Estimate: Professional stock analysts use mathematical models that weigh companies' financial data to predict their future earnings per share on a quarterly, annual, and long-term basis. Investment research com MORE

Best-Faith Estimate

Business / Real Estate / Best-Faith Estimate: The acquisition cost is the purchase price plus a best-faith estimate of all settlement costs. MORE