Business / Construction / Extras: Additional work requested of a contractor, not included in the original plan, which will be billed separately and will not alter the original contract amount, but increase the cost of building the home.

Final Payment

Life Style / Travel / Final Payment: The last payment of the full cruise fare plus any necessary or agreed extras, such as taxes, air add-on. Final payment must be received before your cruise tickets and correlated travel documents are i MORE

Cruise Rate

Life Style / Travel / Cruise Rate: With 7 blue seas, your cruise rate is the cost of your cruise fare plus port charges, but exclusive of government taxes, insurance and other optional extras. MORE


Life Style / Travel / Amenities: Services and extras offered by a travel supplier. MORE

Dividends 12 Months

Business / Finance / Dividends 12 Months: Each year's cash dividends per share as a percent of earnings per share reported for the same year. Dividends include all cash extras (but not stock dividends). MORE