Business / Construction / Gable: The end, upper, triangular area of a home, beneath the roof.


Entertainment / Literature / Viking: Technically, in its most exclusive sense, a viking is a pirate, any individual that goes i-viking (plundering') regardless of the buccaneer's ethnicity. Historically, Irishmen, Anglo-Saxons, Franks, B MORE

Federal Water Pollution Control Act

Business / Real Estate / Federal Water Pollution Control Act: Enacted by Congress in 1972, this federal law administered by the EPA regulates the release of pollutants into navigable waters. MORE

Riparian Rights

Business / Agriculture / Riparian Rights: The system of water allocation used in the humid eastern portion of the United States. Water may be used only by riparian landowners and it is recognized that all users will experience shortages perio MORE


Business / Real Estate / Accretion: The increase or addition of land by the deposit of sand or soil washed up naturally from a river, lake or sea. The gradual and imperceptible addition of land by alluvial deposits of soil through natur MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Juvenile: Publishers use the term juvenile or children's literature to designate books suitable for children, though Joseph Shipley reminds us these are 'not necessarily childish books' (345). Typically the mai MORE


Business / Construction / Fascia: Horizontal boards attached to rafter/truss ends at the eaves and along gables. Roof drain gutters are attached to the fascia. MORE