Gate Valve

Business / Construction / Gate Valve: A valve that lets you completely stop—but not modulate—the flow within a pipe.

Other Words for Gate

Gate Verb Synonyms: gateway, barrier, doorway, door, access, entrance, exit, passage, opening
Gate Noun Synonyms: admissions, attendance, crowd, audience, assemblage

Globe Valve

Business / Construction / Globe Valve: A valve that lets you adjust the flow of water to any rate between fully on and fully off. Also see gate valve. MORE

Range Gate Pulloff

Technology / Radar / Range Gate Pulloff: Targets being tracked using range gates can attempt to employ a tactic known as range-gate pull off (rgpo) or range-gate stealing. MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Redgate: Complex V.rotundifolia (ie. Muscadine) variety derived from a Higgins x Georgia Seedling 29-49 cross. No other details as yet. MORE

Reed Valves

Technology / Motorcycle / Reed Valves: Reed valves are commonly used in high-performance versions of the two-stroke engine, where they control the fuel-air mixture admitted to the crankcase. As the piston rises in the cylinder the resultin MORE

Relief Valve

Business / Construction / Relief Valve: A device designed to open if it detects excess temperature or pressure. MORE

Propagated Epidemic

Health / Disease / Propagated Epidemic: A propagated epidemic occurs when an infection is spread from person to person (either directly or via a vector). cf common source and mixed epidemics. MORE