Business / Construction / Glazing: The process of installing glass, which commonly is secured with glazier's points and glazing compound.

Low-E Glazings

Business / Real Estate / Low-E Glazings: Low-e glazings have special coatings that reduce heat transfer through windows. This type of window film is inexpensive, lasts 10-15 years, reduces interior fading, and saves energy. MORE

Heat Absorbing Glazings

Business / Real Estate / Heat Absorbing Glazings: A technology that uses heat-absorbing glazing with tinted coatings to absorb solar heat gain through windows. This approach does allow some light to pass through the tinted windows. MORE

Glazing Compound

Life Style / Painting / Glazing Compound: Putty used to set glass in window frames and to fill nail holes and cracks. MORE


Life Style / Painting / Scumble: A Scumble is a semi opaque or opaque colour applied thinly over a darker colour. Like glazing, Scumbling is transparent, which is optically mixed with the colour under it to produce a third colour. MORE


Life Style / Painting / Oil-Painting: This technique was not suddenly invented; the story that accredits its invention to the Van Eyck brothers is incorrect, although they did much to help the evolution of the new medium. Previous to the MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Glaze: Glossy surface produced on some (non resin coated) printing papers. It is achieved by placing a wet print to to a heated drum or clean polished surface. Glazed print produce denser medium blacks than MORE