Business / Construction / Grid: The completed assembly of main and cross tees in a suspended ceiling system before the ceiling panels are installed. Also the decorative slats (munton) installed between glass panels.


Entertainment / Football / Gridiron: Either (a) the field of play; a football field; or (b) the game itself, now often used to distinguish among football (soccer), rugby union, rugby league, and American football. The word derives from t MORE

Pin Grid Array (PGA)

Technology / Computers / Pin Grid Array (PGA): A type of chip package in which the connecting pins are located on the bottom in concentric squares. PGA chips are particularly good for chips that have many pins, such as modern microprocessors. Comp MORE

Dog Ridge

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Dog Ridge: Has synonym name Dogridge. Female V.champini variety (ie. natural hybrid reported to be result of a complex V.rupestris x V.candicans cross with possible V.berlandieri involvement) propagated for use MORE


Entertainment / Music / Harmony: The simultaneous combination of notes and the ensuing relationships of intervals and chords. Not all musics of the world rely on harmony for interest, but it is central to most Western music. MORE

Orlando (Seedless)

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Orlando (Seedless): Is a mid-to-late September ripening hybrid bunchgrape with moderate resistance to Pierce's Disease. Propagated for use in Florida and the lower Gulf States of the U.S.A as a tablegrape. According to t MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Stover: Is a hybrid bunchgrape derived from a complex V.Shuttleworthii O.P (Aestivalis?) Mantey x Seyve Villard 12-309 cultivar cross. Is resistant to Pierce's Disease and designed for use in Florida and the MORE