Hot Wire

Business / Construction / Hot Wire: The wire that carries electrical energy to a receptacle or other device—in contrast to a neutral, which carries electricity away again. Normally the black wire. Also see ground.

Other Words for Hot

Hot Noun Synonyms: fiery, white-hot, red-hot, piping hot, burning, blistering, scorching, roasting, frying, sizzling, searing, boiling, scalding, steaming, simmering, torrid, sweltering, sultry, heated
Hot Adjective Synonyms: intense, fervent, zealous, ardent, enthusiastic, passionate, fervid, vehement, excited, animated, impetuous, fiery, fierce, inflamed, sharp, violent

Neutral Wire

Business / Construction / Neutral Wire: Usually color-coded white, this carries electricity from an outlet back to the service panel. Also see hot wire and ground. MORE

Point-Of-View Shot

Technology / Television (TV) / Point-Of-View Shot: A shot in which the camera is physically situated very close to a character's position: thus the resulting shot approximates the character's point-of-view. MORE


Science / Biology / Phototropism: The reaction of plants to light in which the plants bend toward the light. Plant response to light by unequal growth caused by concentration of the plant hormone Indole Acetic Acid (IAA, an auxin) on MORE

Power Lay-Up Shot

Entertainment / Basketball / Power Lay-Up Shot: A lay-up used when closely guarded. MORE

Pre-Shot Routine

Entertainment / Golf / Pre-Shot Routine: Procedure prior to hitting a golf shot, usually thought of as a consistent sequence (see my article on the pre-shot routine) MORE


Science / Biology / Phototrophs: Organisms that use sunlight to synthesize organic nutrients as their energy source; e.g., cyanobacteria, algae, and plants. MORE