Business / Construction / Jumpers: Water pipe installed in a water meter pit (before the water meter is installed), or electric wire that is installed in the electric house panel meter socket before the meter is installed. This is sometimes illegal.


Technology / Aviation / Commuter: An air carrier operator operating under 14 CFR 135 that carries passengers on at least five round trips per week on at least one route between two or more points according to its published flight sche MORE


Technology / Computers / ISA: The bus architecture used in the IBM PC/XT and PC/AT. It's often abbreviated as ISA (pronounced as separate letters or as eye-sa) bus. The AT version of the bus is called the AT bus and became a de fa MORE


Technology / Computers / Jumper: A plastic covered metal clip that sets over two pins on a circuit board. Jumpers connect pins, completing an electric circuit that changes configurations on devices, or can be used to kick start a swi MORE