Business / Construction / Molding: A wood strip having an engraved, decorative surface.

Crown Molding

Business / Construction / Crown Molding: A molding used on cornice or wherever an interior angle is to be covered, especially at the roof and wall corner. MORE

Cove Molding

Business / Construction / Cove Molding: A molding with a concave face used as trim or to finish interior corners. MORE


Business / Construction / Casing: Wood trim molding installed around a door or window opening. MORE

Silicon Release Paper

Entertainment / Photography / Silicon Release Paper: Thin, heat resistant interleaving paper, used between a photographic print and textured material in a heated press. It allows remolding of the print surface yet prevents the two materials from stickin MORE


Business / Construction / Nosing: The projecting edge of a molding or drip or the front edge of a stair tread. MORE


Business / Construction / Stool: The flat molding fitted over the window sill between jambs and contacting the bottom rail of the lower sash. Also another name for toilet. MORE