Business / Construction / Monopost: Adjustable metal column used to support a beam or bearing point. Normally 11 gauge or Schedule 40 metal, and determined by the structural engineer


Business / Construction / Caisson: A 10' or 12' diameter hole drilled into the earth and embedded into bedrock 3 - 4 feet. The structural support for a type of foundation wall, porch, patio, monopost, or other structure. Two or more 's MORE

Jack Post

Business / Construction / Jack Post: A type of structural support made of metal, which can be raised or lowered through a series of pins and a screw to meet the height required. Basically used as a replacement for an old supporting membe MORE

Footer, Footing

Business / Construction / Footer, Footing: Continuous 8' or 10' thick concrete pad installed before and supports the foundation wall or monopost. MORE