Business / Construction / Mortgagee: The lender who makes the mortgage loan.

Mortgagees Title Insurance

Business / Real Estate / Mortgagees Title Insurance: An insurance policy protecting the lender for the amount of the loan in the event of a future title dispute. MORE

Wraparound Mortgage

Business / Finance / Wraparound Mortgage: An investment that allows the annuitant the choice of underlying investments tax-deferred. MORE

Privity Of Contract

Business / Real Estate / Privity Of Contract: The relationship between contracting parties (mortgagor-mortgagee or assignee-assignor). MORE

Intermediate Theory

Business / Real Estate / Intermediate Theory: Some states have adopted an intermediate theory of mortgage based on the principles of title theory, but requiring the mortgagee (lender) to foreclose to obtain legal title as is necessary in lien the MORE


Business / Real Estate / Due-On-Sale-Clause: A form of acceleration clause found in some mortgages, especially savings and loan mortgages, requiring the mortgagor to pay off the mortgage debt when the property is sold, resulting in automatic mat MORE

Conventional loan

Business / Construction / Conventional loan : A mortgage loan not insured by a government agency (such as FHA or VA) MORE