Business / Construction / Notch: A crosswise groove at the end of a board.

Other Words for Notch

Notch Noun Synonyms: nick, cut, dent, indentation, groove, cleft, score, mark, gouge, gash

Notch Filter

Technology / Home Audio / Notch Filter: A special type of cut-only equalizer used to attenuate ( no boosting ) a narrow band of frequencies. Three controls: frequency, bandwidth and depth, determine the notch. Simplified units provide only MORE

Pterygoid Notch

Health / Dentistry / Pterygoid Notch: This notch is located at the pyramidal process of the palatine bone between the pterygoid processes and the maxillary tuberosity. This has been considered a landmark for the distal limit of the maxill MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Ogam: The term comes from Old Irish, 'Oghma,' probably an eponym of Oghma the Irish god of invention. It refers to a form of symbolic Celtic markings common in the 5th and 6th centuries in which a communica MORE

Gordie Howe Hat Trick

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Gordie Howe Hat Trick: A gordie howe hat trick is when one player scores a goal, notches an assist and gets into a fight all in the same game (a natural gordie howe hat trick occurs when a player does all three in one perio MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Pun: A play on two words similar in sound but different in meaning. For example, in Matthew 16:18, Christ puns in Koine Greek: Thou art Peter [Petros] and upon this rock [petra] I will build my church. Sha MORE

Balsam Fir

Life Style / Christmas Trees / Balsam Fir: First described in 1768, balsam fir is a medium-sized tree generally reaching 40-60 feet in height and 1-1 1/2 feet in diameter. It exhibits a relatively dense, dark-green, pyramidal crown with a slen MORE