Business / Construction / Nozzle: The part of a heating system that sprays the fuel of fuel-air mixture into the combustion chamber.

Exit Area

Technology / Rockets / Exit Area: Largest section of a divergent cone on the exhaust section of a rocket nozzle. MORE

Exit Cone

Technology / Rockets / Exit Cone: Applies to the exit or expansion section of a rocket nozzle. MORE


Life Style / Painting / Airbrush: An implement that resembles a thick fountain-pen and which has a small container near the nozzle. By air pressure supplied from a container or a mechanical compressor, varnish, fixative or colours can MORE

Expansion Ratio

Technology / Rockets / Expansion Ratio: The ratio of the area of the exit diameter of the exhaust portion of a nozzle to the area of the throat - determines Cf (thrust coefficient). MORE

Discharge Coefficient

Technology / Rockets / Discharge Coefficient: Downrating of the area of an orifice or nozzle due to flow separation or friction. MORE

Inkjet Printer

Technology / Computers / Inkjet Printer: A printing technology that utilizes print nozzles that spray ink onto the page. Not as fast or clean as a laser printer, but much less expensive. Ink typically comes in sets of two or four, and each s MORE