Business / Construction / Padding: A material installed under carpet to add foot comfort, isolate sound, and to prolong carpet life.

Crash Padding

Technology / Motorcycle / Crash Padding: A motorcyclist’s protective clothing, especially abrasion-resistant and impact absorbing riding gear and helmet. MORE

Indoor Air

Business / Real Estate / Indoor Air: Breathing air inside a habitable structure, often highly polluted because of lack of exchange with fresh oxygen from outdoors. Solvents, smoke, paints, furniture glues, carpet padding, and other synth MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Armor: Protective padding used to reinforce motorcycle apparel. It is designed to absorb energy on impact to help protect the rider in the event of a crash. Armor is available to better protect a rider’s MORE

Industrial Crops

Business / Agriculture / Industrial Crops: Crops that primarily have industrial applications in contrast to food or livestock feed uses. Industrial uses account for a relatively small but a growing and potentially much larger share of the mark MORE