Business / Construction / Paint: A combination of pigments with suitable thinners or oils to provide decorative and protective coatings. Can be oil based or latex water based.

Other Words for Paint

Paint Noun Synonyms: color, tint, dye, colouring, pigment, stain
Paint Adjective Synonyms: coating, coat, surface, enamel
Paint Verb Synonyms: color, tint, dye, stain, decorate

Sponge Painting (Sponging)

Life Style / Painting / Sponge Painting (Sponging): An interior painting technique in which sponges are used to apply or partially remove a coat of paint. MORE

Water Based Paint

Life Style / Painting / Water Based Paint: Any paint made with acrylic, vinyl or latex resins, and thinned with water. It dries more quickly than oil-based paint, has a relatively low odor and cleans up easily. MORE

Oil-Based Paint

Life Style / Painting / Oil-Based Paint: Any paint made with a drying oil, such as linseed, soya or tung oil. With oil based paints you must use mineral spirits or paint thinner as the thinning agent. MORE

Back Glass Painting

Life Style / Painting / Back Glass Painting: Painting pictures on the back of sheets of glass. With this manner the artist has to work his picture backwards, starting with what would be the finishing strokes with the conventional method. Such a MORE

Painting Knives

Life Style / Painting / Painting Knives: Both of these are made of fine tempered steel that is flexible. The palette-knife has a straight handle and is intended for mixing colours on the palette or for cleaning it. The painting-knives have c MORE

Emulsion Paint

Life Style / Painting / Emulsion Paint: Paint in which particles are suspended in water or oil with the aid of an emulsifier as in latex paint. MORE