Business / Construction / Penny: As applied to nails, it originally indicated the price per hundred. The term now series as a measure of nail length and is abbreviated by the letter 'd'. Normally, 16d (16 'penny') nails are used for framing

Penny Dreadful

Entertainment / Literature / Penny Dreadful: A sensational novel of crime, adventure, violence, or horror. The term is an English archaism referring to cheaply printed books bound in paper at only a few pennies' cost. English schoolboys also cal MORE

Penny Stock

Business / Finance / Penny Stock: Used in the context of general equities. Stock that typically sells for less than $1 a share, although it may rise to as much as $10/share after the initial public offering, usually because of heavy p MORE


Entertainment / Football / Quarter: One of four periods of play in a standard American football game. A quarter lasts for fifteen game clock minutes in most adaptations of American football but may take longer in elapsed time, since the MORE


Business / Finance / Yard: The foreign market in the United States. MORE

Lords Rooms

Entertainment / Literature / Lords Rooms: During the Renaissance, the most prestigious and costly seating in public playhouses were the lords' rooms. These rooms were partitioned sections of the gallery near the 'above.' (The cost was three p MORE

Pulp Fiction

Entertainment / Literature / Pulp Fiction: Mass market novels printed cheaply and intended for a general audience. The content was usually melodramatic, titillating, or thrilling. The earliest samples are the 'penny dreadfuls' or 'bloods' of t MORE