Business / Construction / Primer: The first, base coat of paint when a paint job consists of two or more coats. A first coating formulated to seal raw surfaces and holding succeeding finish coats.

Intermediate Coat

Life Style / Painting / Intermediate Coat: The coating between the primer and finish often called a barrier coat. MORE

Spot Prime

Life Style / Painting / Spot Prime: The process of applying a primer to areas where paint has been removed or stripped to the original surface. MORE


Life Style / Painting / Textiles: Woven fabrics that have been and are used for painting on include: linen and cotton canvas, cambric, silk, hessian, sailcloth, sacking and synthetics. They all call for some form of grounding. General MORE


Life Style / Painting / Inhibitor: Material such as primer used to retard rusting or corrosion. MORE


Life Style / Painting / Hardboard: (also termed: Beaverboard, Masonite, Upson board) These boards are made from wood-pulp and/or waste paper. The front presents a smooth hard surface, the back having a textured tooth resembling a rever MORE


Science / Genetics / Oligonucleotide: A molecule usually composed of 25 or fewer nucleotides: used as a dna synthesis primer. MORE