Business / Construction / Ranch: A single story, one level home.

Franchise Investment Law

Business / Real Estate / Franchise Investment Law: Administered by the California corporations commissioner, the law requires disclosure from the franchisor to the franchisee and is intended to protect prospective purchasers of franchises. MORE

Branch Office

Business / Real Estate / Branch Office: A secondary place of business apart from the principal or main office from which real estate business is conducted. A branch office usually must be run by a licensed real estate broker working on beha MORE


Business / Accounting / Franchise: An entity that has been licensed to sell the product of a manufacturer or to offer a particular service in a given area. MORE


Business / Finance / Branch: An operation in a foreign country incorporated in the home country. MORE


Business / Finance / Tranche: An argument that, 'within reason,' investors prefer higher dividends to lower dividends because the dividend is sure but future capital gains are uncertain. MORE

Corporation Franchise Tax Lien

Business / Real Estate / Corporation Franchise Tax Lien: State governments generally levy a corporation franchise tax on corporations as a condition of allowing them to do business in the state. Such a tax is a general statutory involuntary lien on all real MORE