Business / Construction / Rebar: Reinforcing bar-Ribbed steel bars installed in foundation concrete walls, footers, and poured in place concrete structures designed to strengthen concrete. Comes in various thickness' and strength grade.


Business / Construction / Caisson: A 10' or 12' diameter hole drilled into the earth and embedded into bedrock 3 - 4 feet. The structural support for a type of foundation wall, porch, patio, monopost, or other structure. Two or more 's MORE


Business / Construction / Concrete: The mixture of Portland cement, sand, gravel, and water. Used to make garage and basement floors, sidewalks, patios, foundation walls, etc. It is commonly reinforced with steel rods (rebar) or wire sc MORE

Foundation Ties

Business / Construction / Foundation Ties: Metal wires that hold the foundation wall panels and rebar in place during the concrete pour. MORE

Steel Inspection

Business / Construction / Steel Inspection: A municipal and/or engineers inspection of the concrete foundation wall, conducted before concrete is poured into the foundation panels. Done to insure that the rebar (reinforcing bar), rebar nets, vo MORE