Business / Construction / Reducer: A fitting with different size openings at either end and used to go from a larger to a smaller pipe.

Chemical Reducer

Entertainment / Photography / Chemical Reducer: See reducers. MORE

Tide Reducers

Science / Tides and Currents / Tide Reducers: Height corrections for reducing soundings to chart datum (MLLW). A tide reducer represents the height of the water level at a given place and time relative to chart datum. Tide reducers are obtained f MORE

Belitskis Reducer

Entertainment / Photography / Belitskis Reducer: Solution used as a chemical reducer for negatives. It consists of ferric potassium citrate or oxalate in an acid fixing solution. MORE

Farmers Reducer

Entertainment / Photography / Farmers Reducer: Used for bleaching negatives and prints. MORE

See Reducers

Entertainment / Photography / See Reducers: 0 MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Reducers: Solutions which remove silver from negatives and prints. They are used to diminish density and alter contrast on a photographic emulsion. MORE