Business / Construction / Register: A grill placed over a heating duct or cold air return.

Other Words for Register

Register Noun Synonyms: cash register, till, money box, cash-box
Register Verb Synonyms: record, roll, roster, rota, catalogue, annal(s), archive(s), journal, daybook, diary, appointment book, calendar, chronicle, schedule, programme, directory, ledger, file, index, inventory, list, listing, poll, tally,

Registered Investment Adviser (RIA)

Business / Taxes / Registered Investment Adviser (RIA): Investment advisers who register with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and agree to be regulated by SEC rules are known as registered investment advisers. Only a small percentage of all in MORE

Registered Competitive Market Maker

Business / Finance / Registered Competitive Market Maker: An NASD-registered dealer who acts as a market maker for a designated over-the-counter stock by buying and selling that stock to maintain stability. MORE

Stationers Register

Entertainment / Literature / Stationers Register: Stephen Greenblatt provides the following definition: The account books of the Company of Stationers (of which all printers were legally required to be members), recording the fees paid for permission MORE

Registered Memory

Technology / Computers / Registered Memory: This memory uses 'registers' which are extra chips designed to delay the flow of data. By delaying the data flow, it allows for better control over communication in systems with heavily loaded memory. MORE

Registered Equity Market Maker

Business / Finance / Registered Equity Market Maker: Member firm of the American Stock Exchange registered as a trader to make stabilizing trades for its own account in particular securities. MORE

Registered Investment Adviser

Business / Finance / Registered Investment Adviser: SEC-registered individual or firm that substantiates completion of education and work experience in the field, and pays an annual membership fee. MORE