Business / Construction / Riser: Each of the vertical boards closing the spaces between the treads of stairways.

Riser And Panel

Business / Construction / Riser And Panel: The exterior vertical pipe (riser) and metal electric box (panel) the electrician provides and installs at the 'Rough Electric' stage. MORE

Trip Hazard

Business / Real Estate / Trip Hazard: Any situation where there is an increased likelihood of tripping (e.g. stairs that do not have a uniform tread or riser height all the way along the stairs). MORE

Run, Stair

Business / Construction / Run, Stair: The horizontal distance of a stair tread from the nose to the riser. MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Farkles: Motorcycle enthusiasts may install accessories, called farkles (also spelled farkels), to customize their machine. The word is generally accepted to mean a combination of "function" and "sparkle", hen MORE