Business / Construction / Sash: A single light frame containing one or more lights of glass. The frame that holds the glass in a window, often the movable part of the window.

Window Sash

Business / Construction / Window Sash: The operating or movable part of a window: the sash is made of window panes and their border. MORE

Storm Sash Or Storm Window

Business / Construction / Storm Sash Or Storm Window: An extra window usually placed outside of an existing one, as additional protection against cold weather. MORE


Life Style / Tea / Mizusashi: cold-water container MORE

Sash Balance

Business / Construction / Sash Balance: A device, usually operated by a spring and designed to hold a single hung window vent up and in place MORE


Business / Construction / Vent: A pipe or duct which allows the flow of air and gasses to the outside. Also, another word for the moving glass part of a window sash, i.e. Window vent. MORE


Life Style / Tea / Mizutsugi: container for replenishing the mizusashi MORE