Scratch Coat

Business / Construction / Scratch Coat: The first coat of plaster, which is scratched to form a bond for a second coat.

Other Words for Coat

Coat Noun Synonyms: coating, layer, covering, overlay, film
Coat Verb Synonyms: overcoat, greatcoat, jacket, anorak, parka, cagoule, cag

Other Words for Scratch

Scratch Verb Synonyms: mar, mark, gouge (out), gash, abrade, graze, scuff, grate against, bruise, damage, injure, claw
Scratch Noun Synonyms: chafe, rub

Reflective Coatings

Business / Real Estate / Reflective Coatings: A black tinted window coating. Reflective coatings greatly reduce the transmission of daylight through clear glass. Commonly used in hot climates in which solar control is critical. MORE

Resin Coated Paper (RC)

Entertainment / Photography / Resin Coated Paper (RC): Printing paper with a water repellent base. Rc paper can be processed faster, require less washing, and dry more quickly than fiber based papers. MORE

Powder Coating

Business / Machine Shop / Powder Coating: A durable, weather-proof, polymer coating for metals applied in a spray and then cured in an oven. MORE

Opaque Coating

Life Style / Painting / Opaque Coating: A coating that hides the previous surface coating. MORE

Lens Coating

Entertainment / Photography / Lens Coating: Layer or multiple layers of thin anti-reflective materials applied to the surface of lens elements to reduce light reflection and increase the amount of transmitted light. MORE


Entertainment / Bowling / Scratch: Actual score, without a handicap added. Bowling without the benefit of handicap. MORE