Business / Construction / Scribing: Cutting and fitting woodwork to an irregular surface.

Rectangular (Government) Survey System

Business / Real Estate / Rectangular (Government) Survey System: A system established in 1785 by the federal government, providing for surveying and describing land by reference to principal meridians and base lines. MORE

Lot-And-Block (Recorded Plat) System

Business / Real Estate / Lot-And-Block (Recorded Plat) System: A method of describing real property that identifies a parcel of land by reference to lot and block numbers within a subdivision, as specified on a recorded subdivision plat. MORE


Science / Psychiatry / Alexithymia: A disturbance in affective and cognitive function that can be present in an assortment of diagnostic entities. The chief manifestations are difficulty in describing or recognizing ones own emotions, MORE


Business / Finance / Assimilation: The public absorption of a new issue of stocks once the stock has been completely sold by underwriter. See: Absorbed. MORE

G Curve

Entertainment / Photography / G Curve: Average gradient of a characteristic curve, describing similar characteristics to gamma, but measuring the slope from a line joining the lower and upper limits of the curve actually used in practice. MORE

Principal Meridian

Business / Real Estate / Principal Meridian: The main imaginary line running north and south and crossing a base line at a definite point, used by surveyors for reference in location and describing land under the rectangular (government) survey MORE