Semigloss Paint Or Enamel

Business / Construction / Semigloss Paint Or Enamel: A paint or enamel made so that its coating, when dry, has some luster but is not very glossy. Bathrooms and kitchens are normally painted semi-gloss

Other Words for Paint

Paint Noun Synonyms: color, tint, dye, colouring, pigment, stain
Paint Adjective Synonyms: coating, coat, surface, enamel
Paint Verb Synonyms: color, tint, dye, stain, decorate

Pacinian Corpuscles

Science / Biology / Pacinian Corpuscles: Sensory receptors located deep in the epidermis that detect pressure and vibration. MORE

Pace or Pacer

Entertainment / Bowling / Pace or Pacer: A pacer bowls as part of a team only for the purpose of keeping the pace of the game more even; pacer scores do not count towards the team total. Also, the rhythm of your footwork as you approach the MORE

Package Mortgage

Business / Finance / Package Mortgage: A mortgage on a house and property in the house. MORE


Entertainment / Basketball / Paint: The area inside the free-throw lane. MORE

Paint Gauge

Life Style / Painting / Paint Gauge: Instrument for measuring the thickness of paint film. MORE

Paint Brushes

Life Style / Painting / Paint Brushes: The first known examples are probably those used in Egypt which were simple bundles of thin reeds bound to a handle; the British Museum has one of these and its date is put at about 1900 BCE. Since th MORE