Business / Construction / Shutter: Usually lightweight louvered decorative frames in the form of doors located on the sides of a window. Some shutters are made to close over the window for protection.

Focal Plane Shutter

Entertainment / Photography / Focal Plane Shutter: Shutter which lies just in front of the focal plane. Light sensitive film positioned at the focal plane is progressively exposed as the shutter blinds move across it. MORE

Electronic Shutter

Entertainment / Photography / Electronic Shutter: Shutter system timed by electronic rather than mechanical means. MORE

Shutter Priority Camera

Entertainment / Photography / Shutter Priority Camera: Semi-automatic camera on which the photographer selects the shutter speed, and the camera automatically sets an appropriate aperture. MORE

Lens Shutter Camera

Entertainment / Photography / Lens Shutter Camera: Camera with the shutter built into the lens. MORE

Compur Shutter

Entertainment / Photography / Compur Shutter: Well known german brand of compound shutter. MORE

Between The Lens Shutter

Entertainment / Photography / Between The Lens Shutter: Shutter usually placed within the components of a compound lens close to the diaphragm. MORE